Nature Conservation

Lisa believes in the healing of nature. The outdoors is an important part of healing and revitalization.
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Love is King

Lisa is an assistant guide at Love Is King (LIK). The mission” is to provide safe and inclusive spaces for marginalized communities in nature while promoting diversity and equity in conservation efforts. LIK’s vision is to eliminate fear for BIPOC in nature while developing diverse environmental leaders whose voices are part of the natural policy-making decision”. Lisa believes in the healing nature of the outdoors and the advocacy to provide opportunities for BIPOC people to experience, enjoy, and protect our natural resources.

Lisa traveled with Love Is King to Alaska’s Arctic Wildlife Refuge for two years. In the Arctic, she was introduced to the Neets’aii Gwitch’in community in the Arctic Village Community. Here, Lisa learned about the increasing struggles the Neets’aii Gwitch’in suffered because of oil drilling and the effects of climate change on the land and animals, especially the caribou. Neets’aii Gwitch’in, the Caribou people relied on their relationship with the Caribou to live. Lisa advocates for the livelihood of the Arctic Village and the native people who tend the land in Alaska.

Oregon Rivers

Lisa supported Senators Wyden and Merkley’s efforts to support the Wild and Scenic Rivers in Oregon.

Alaska Wilderness League

Lisa is a new member of the Board of Directors of the Alaska Wilderness League (AWL). AWL’s mission is to Protect “Alaska’s wild lands and waters by inspiring broad support for federal policy action.” Lisa believes in the commitment to justice that AWL projects by working to protect Alaska’s wildest places for generations to come.