Dr. Collins in the News

Wyden and Merkley Introduce Legislation to Protect 4,700 Miles of Oregon Rivers Nominated by Nearly 2,500 Oregonians

Dismantling Barriers Between Marginalized Communities and River Conservation

Professor Visits Arctic Circle in Environmental Justice Mission

Professor and Alumna Lisa Collins Named Carnegie Foundation Great Educator

Tough questions, tough answers.
Fertile Ground 2021: Lisa Collins’ “Be Careful What You Ask For” delves into a Portland killing and issues of race.

Broadway World Portland Previews: 10 Things to See at Fertile Ground 2021 Featuring Lisa Collins’ Be Careful What You Ask For


National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) People of Color Conference, November 2022, Workshop, Expanding Care to Interrupt Barriers, Diversity Inclusion and Wellness Through the Lens of Wellness with Rivera Ridge School, Santa Barbara, CA

University Council for Educational Administration Annual Convention (UCEA) November 2022, Seminar, Examination of a University-District Partnership for the Preparation of Equity Leaders (Barrett, Galloway, Collins, 2022)

Association of Black Researchers Conference, National Black Researchers Week Resources and Research Trauma-Informed Panel, June 2022

BIPOC Night Wellness Talkback Facilitation, Portland Playhouse, Titus Andronicus, March 2022

Carnegie Foundation Summit on Improvement in Education, Poster Session, Dr. Lisa Collins, and Dr. Muhammad Khalifa with Salem Keizer School District. Case Study: How Racialized Lived Experiences and Culturally Responsive School Leadership Supported School District’s Organizational Development in Equitable Practices, March 2022

Wellness As the Foundation of Community Keynote, Oregon City School District Family Focus Forum, February 2022
Equity Summit 2022 Rising Together, Panelist Virtual Conference, Exploring the Intersection of Race, Equity and Mental Health, February 2022
Equity Wellness in Challenging Times, Oregon City Equity Conference, January 2021
Wellness for Challenging Times in Post-Secondary, Portland State University, January 2021

Love and Light with Dr. Lisa:
Living Every Day in Peace

Podcast Highlights

Finding Your Full Spectrum Light- Rev. Dr. AdaRA L. Walton

Healing Through Energy Medicine with Cyndi Dale
How To Spread Love Tayllor Johnson shares her light on transformation
Relieve Your Stress and Heal Your Body Through HO’OPONOPONO with Native Hawaiian Practitioner Kumu Ramsay Taum
Shining the Light on Indigenous Food Systems with Lyla June
Shining the Light on Anxiety with Amanda Huggins

Neets’aii Gwichʼin Way of Life From Arctic Village Alaska with Tribal Government. Elder Sarah James

Shining the Light on Healing through Soul Medicine with Lindsay Fauntleroy

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Organization Collaborations

National Park Service
Eastern Mennonite University
North Clackamas School District
Salem Keizer School District
Rivera Ridge School Santa Barbara California
Portland State University
OEA Choice Trust
Virginia Garcia Memorial Health Center
Oregon Alliance of Black School Educators (ORABSE)
Multnomah Educators Rising
Youth Programs Division Workforce and Inclusion Directorate
U.S. Department of the Interior