“Lisa’s lens and advice have been powerful and enlightening for me. Lisa’s approach is delicate and handled with love, humility, and truth; her presence is warm and full of wisdom. It is always a pleasure to step into Lisa’s presence, be graced by her experience and knowledge, and receive her unique tools from her breath of professional work.”

– Chad Brown

Soul River Inc.
“Dr. Collins’ work on racial healing and wellness practices has made a transformational impact on the culture and well-being of our company. She has also facilitated and co-facilitated public events and conversations with our audiences and community stakeholders. She is an artist, theatermaker, writer, academic, intellectual, and space holder/facilitator. We LOVE working with Dr. Lisa Collins and will continue to do so at every opportunity.”
– Brian Weaver

Artistic Director
Portland Playhous

“I met Dr. Collins about fourteen years ago when I arrived in Portland; she was a leader at a local school. Instantly, I wanted to know her—she was warm, intelligent, aware, and kind. Over the years, I have been able to witness her light, her strength, and her sense of community. She speaks and writes the truth without sugarcoating it. She honors the land and herself and offers others the opportunity to do the same. She moves forward with peace, acceptance, and knowledge. It is an honor to be in her orbit.”
– Nikki Weaver
Executive Director & Founder
On The Inside, a creative connection for incarcerated women
“I first met Dr. Lisa Y. Collins in April 2019 as a participant in a workshop I was facilitating called: “Healing from the Trauma of Racism.” Dr. Collins took the perspective of Interpersonal Neurobiology in both a professional and personal way and infused it in her doctoral dissertation. She also shares this information in an embodied way as a consultant, educator, and coach. Her experience, wisdom, compassion, clarity, awareness of systemic oppression, and dedication to social justice enliven her healing and educational work with others. She has so much to share that the world needs to hear!”
– Danette C. Gillespie-Otto
Communion Counseling & Consulting, LLC
“Dr. Lisa Collins brings genuine mentorship and healing. As a Hispanic woman, teacher, and single mom, Lisa helped me see and understand racial trauma I never knew existed within myself and my environment. Lisa’s guidance has been significant in my life. As a woman of color, I met the harsh realities of imposter syndrome while holding onto gratitude for what was meant for me will find me. With Lisa’s help, I found employment using my earned degrees, hoping to continue my education.”
– Elizabeth Hayes
Educational Client
Coaching Client
“Lisa incorporates a culturally responsive lens, spiritual coaching, and emerging experience to support racialized and traumatic experiences that support the traditional affinity group framework. I am always in awe of Lisa’s ability to create healing spaces that are genuinely designed. If you seek a meaningful and intentional professional growth opportunity designed according to your particular needs, I highly recommend Dr. Lisa Collins; you will not be disappointed.”
– Loretta Benjamin-Samuel
Senior Director
Professional Learning and Leadership
Portland Public Schools