Why DEI Work Is Not Working

Relations in the United States hold myriad issues that bog down or enrage people in a spectrum of emotions. Yet, three years later, there has been little foundational change to the core problem because no one has addressed the core problem of race relations in the United States.

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I Don’t Believe In Trauma

I Don’t Believe In Trauma

How did I even get into healing work? I am typically skeptical about everything. I am like Inspector Gadget about examining everything! I look at...

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My Path

My Path

Do you ever wonder how you got to be where you are today? My journey has been an amazing one that has led me to a fantastic life where I get the...

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Lisa Collins, Ed.D Medium Page

Healing from Racial Trauma – TEDx Talk by Dr. Lisa Collins

‘Healing from Racial Trauma’: SPI instructor Lisa Collins shares how STAR training moved her forward
Tough questions, tough answers
Professor Visits Arctic Circle in Environmental Justice Mission
Professor and Alumna Lisa Collins Named Carnegie Foundation Great Educator
Dismantling Barriers Between Marginalized Communities and River Conservation
Collins, Lisa Y. (2023) “Healing Racial Trauma From Public School Systems,” Journal of Research Initiatives: Vol. 8: Iss. 1, Article 3.

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